Motorcyclist safety in the USA

mechanic expert, Liam Brooks

In states where there is a ban on the use of mobile phones while driving (to hold in hand), fatal accidents involving motorcyclists occur less frequently. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Florida Atlantic and the University of Miami.

The study was conducted with a focus on all vehicles in order to determine the mortality rate, which included the use of a mobile phone while driving. In the case of auto/auto accidents, it was not possible to explicitly prove that a partial or complete ban of a mobile phone affects the percentage of fatal accidents. Minor differences explain the high level of safety of modern cars. At the time of using a mobile accident can happen more often, but most occur without tragic consequences.

In the case of motorcycles, the formula is different. In states where there is a total or partial ban on mobile phones behind the wheel, there are 11 per cent fewer motorcycle accidents than in states where there are no such restrictions. Nothing surprising, in principle. The inattention of drivers always leads to serious consequences for motorcyclists, and a mobile phone, as we all know, dispels the attention of the driver.

Researchers insist that officials should impose bans on the use of mobile phones while driving, in order to increase the safety of all road users. In 11 states, it is forbidden to hold a mobile phone while driving. Other states are considering bills regarding bans, but such decisions are made for a very long time. In some states it is forbidden to write SMS, but you can talk.

Moreover in the United States for the first time represent the system of interaction of cars and motorcycles.

Ducati continues to explore and experiment in security systems. For example, at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ducati, Audi and Ford are demonstrating the ConVeX (Connected Vehicle to Everything) project for the first time in the US – a system that connects vehicles, street infrastructure and pedestrians.

The ConVex project is a key part of the Ducati Security Map 2025 strategy, which aims to develop security systems and technologies. As part of the strategy, the ABS system operating in a turn will spread to the entire line of Ducati models. And in 2020 it is planned to release a motorcycle with front and rear radars.

The goal of this interaction is to provide road safety and more efficient traffic. The project brings together companies from Audi, Ducati, Ericsson, Qualcomm, SWARCO, as well as specialists from the Kaiserslautern Technical University (Germany). It was shown how the system helps to avoid collisions and get out of difficult traffic situations.

Now, at CES-2019 in the United States, the system is demonstrated using a Ducati Multistrada motorcycle and a Ford car; you can see the technology alive in the north hall at the stand