Popularity of French motor sport

When is it better for a tourist and car enthusiast to visit France? Of course, during the world-famous twenty-four hour French motor sport called “24 Hours of Le Mans”. This spectacular spectacle is held only once a year near the city of the same name. For the first time the race was held in the distant 1923, and since then it has been held annually.

The Place of the Race

The race takes place on a race track called “Sarthe”, its length is 13.6 kilometers, and the feature of the race is that the winner is the participant who has traveled the largest number of laps in 24 hours. The Regulation stipulates that 50 cars participate simultaneously. The start of the race is commemorated by the flight of jet aircraft that spray the French tricolor in the air, and at this time on the ground give a go-ahead to the French flag. It is worth noting that the tradition of watering each other with champagne was invented here in 1967.

  • Arriving in France during this race, tourists try to visit there at least a couple of hours to soak in the spirit of motorsport and speed.
  • In addition to these competitions, rally competitions are held annually, which will be of greatest interest to fans of adrenaline. Seven-time champion of the rally Sebastian Loeb is French by nationality and enjoys incredible popularity during his stay at home.
  • In addition, France is not alien and the formula is one. The track for royal races is built directly in the city-state of Monaco. Monaco is the most ancient principality of France and Spain.
  • If the tourist decides to attend the car competitions in France, then the most expensive pleasure will be to visit the royal races of formula one, then the rally-raid of France will be the price, and the Le Mans 24 endurance races closes.

By the way, people who bought a ticket for this race can spend the night right at the stadium, because the race is held the whole day. Near the highway are a hotel, a shopping center, a department store with food, and a lounge for recreation. Deciding to attend the race of France, the tourist will be surprised by the high level of service and professionalism.

The Right Choice Now

Every month, French people give the floor to motor sport women, be they drivers, journalists, editors, motor sport women.

To love motorsport is to see all these cars like in a lion’s den unleash at the start! To see this show but also to understand how difficult it is to dominate these cars! People like to see racing cars that are totally different from our production cars! But it is also having the possibility of being able to someday find you in the place of a pilot or to make a baptism in order to understand how this happens. Motor sport can also be experienced through the kart trying to drive during a day with our friends.

Motor racing as a driver is adrenaline, power, smell, exception, freedom! The freedom to face yourself in an ultra-powerful car and to surpass yourself while living your passion!